How To Spot A Yoruba Demon

“Yoruba Demon” refers to men who play around, men with numerous girlfriends. For short, Yoruba Demons are Players.

Forget the “Yoruba” at the front, Igbo and Hausa men may fall under this category. Any guy that has more than one girlfriend is a Yoruba Demon.

Here’s how to spot a Yoruba Demon:

1. There are unsaved female numbers on his phone.

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram

2. He is good-looking.



3. He dresses well


Image: Ebuka/Instagram

4. Of course, he has money


Image: Yahoo News

5. His “Read receipt” and “last seen” is off on WhatsApp

whatsapp blue ticks

Image: whatsapp memes

6. He has many female “friends”

Koroga Festival XX

Kate Kirwa, Chris Kirwa and friends. Instagram/katekirwa

7. He is good with words.

He has sweet mouth. He can tell you “Go to hell” in a way that you’ll be convinced hell is Paradise.

8. He is selfish.


Image: Head Over Feels

9. He is good in bed.

Image/Capital FM Kenya

10. He’s always protective about his phone.