Here Are 7 Sure Ways Of Spotting A Liar


By: Quaci Kyei | 10 Day(s) ago

Lies are everywhere. You feel so disrespected when someone lies to you.

But do you know it’s quite easy to spot a lie? If you’re not sure about something your partner is telling you, just look out for these 7 signs and you’ll be able to determine whether they are lying or telling the truth.

Easy like taking candy from a baby.

1. Ask Neutral Questions.

Before you can spot a lie, you need to be able to identify how the person answers questions truthfully and you can only do this by asking them neutral questions. This will allow you to see their body language, mannerism and gestures while answering those questions.

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2. Now Ask Your Question.

Once you’ve been able to determine a certain pattern with regards to how the person answers questions naturally, now ask the question you want to know the truth and watch any change in how they answer them compared to how they answered the neutral question.


3. Watch Body Language.

Are they sweating? People normally tend to sweat more when telling a lie. They may also blush or tremble. Are they nodding in opposition to what is being said or delaying in nodding when giving an answer. This happens because honesty is characterized by features that are in sync with one another unlike lying.


4. Eye Contact.

A lie is simply making something up or altering something to suit ones own needs. Therefore, a liar may blink rapidly  when telling a lie. If they are right-handed, their eyes may move to the right and vice-versa for left-handed people. They may also use their hand to touch their eyes either to rub it or just touch it slightly. This is an unconscious way of blocking the truth.


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5. Voice.

A person may either talk faster or slower than normal when telling a lie. You can determine this if you ask your neutral questions and determine how the person normally speaks when answering questions. Tension associated with a lie may result in a higher-pitched or quavering voice. They may also stutter or stammer.

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6. Watch Their Throat.

Liars may constantly lubricate their throats by swallowing saliva more frequently or clearing their throats. This happens because lying causes the body to increase it’s production of adrenaline which gets their saliva pumping. So while their saliva increases and they gulp it down, it may get to a point where there’ll be less saliva, and that’s where they resort to clearing their throats.

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7. Are They Avoiding Inclusionary Words?

Liars tend to distance themselves from their tell tales as much as possible, therefore words like “I”, “me”, “mine” are always avoided in their sentences.

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