8 Misconceptions About Health We All Believe

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    By: Kwaku Darko | 26 Day(s) ago

    Staying healthy is every man’s goal but we all know there are still challenges all the time. 

    This has given room to a lot of experts advice and many myths about how one can stay healthy.

    We know there are a lot out there that you strongly believe are true but you will be surprised to know they are those that are rather not good for you and so without much ado, here are 8 misconceptions about health we all believe.

    1. Right Time To Take A Nap

    So according to popular belief, it is healthy to take a nap right after eating or lunch. Well! if you believed this, then you should know it is rather not good for you. When you hear people talk about eating late and getting a pot belly, it is not the late hour that gives you the pot belly or not good for your health, it is rather eating and sleeping right after and since we know it is late in the night, the likelihood you will sleep right after eating is high, reason why you’re advised not to eat late in the evening, but if you’re working in the night and you eat at that odd hour it is safe, that’s if you’re not going sleep right after eating.

    So the same applies to taking a nap right after eating and it doesn’t matter the hour, sleeping slows down your digestion and that is not good for you and can lead to weight gain.

    black man taking a nap


    2. Taking Vitamins

    So the popular notion is that taking vitamins is good for you, well it depends. The question is, do you really need the vitamins?

    So deciding to take in some vitamins is not good for you unless a doctor prescribes it for you. For instance, when someone tells you it is good to take in some Vitamin C, the question you should be asking yourself is, do you really need the Vitamin C, are you deficient? If not then why should you take it? So unless a doctor determines you need some Vitamins, it is not good to take it on your own just because someone said so. You could be compounding your problems.

    The thing is, we get all the vitamins we need in our foods till may be you’re deficient before you will need a vitamin supplement.


    3. Sleeping For Long Hours

    So the understanding is, sleeping for long hours is good for you and doesn’t harm you, wrong! sleeping for long hours is as harmful as sleeping for short hours. As a human, you’re supposed to sleep for 7-8 hours, anything higher or lesser than that is not good for you. If you’ve realised, when you sleep for let’s say, 10 hours, you feel weak and find it difficult getting out of bed. That’s your body trying to tell you, you’re harming yourself.


    4. Taking A Shower

    So growing up maybe your parents told you how important it is to take a shower twice a day, well for your information, there is no timetable to that, that’s a misconception. You don’t need to have a specific number of times to take a shower, you only need to do it when there is the need for it.

    To clarify things, let’s say you took a shower in the morning and stayed indoors the whole day without having any problem with dirt, it is not compulsory to shower again in the evening because you have to do it twice or thrice a day. On the other hand, if you took a shower, went to work in the sewage, even within just 3 hours of showering, you need to shower again. So it is important to note that, there is no specific number of times you should bath, there are times you could bath 5 times a day based on what you do and there are times you could bath just once a day and it is okay. The number of times a mechanic or mason baths can’t be the same as someone who works in the office.



    5. Homes Should Be Perfectly Clean

    It is good to clean your homes but perfectly clean is not a good idea and can lead to allergies, research has proven.

    6. All Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

    If you’ve heard this, then know you’re probably harming yourself, than you know it. Not every sunglass is meant to protect your eyes from the sun unless it is designed to and should be of high quality. So you can’t just buy any type of sunglass on the street and expect it to protect your eyes from the sun.


    7. Setting The Alarm Clock

    So we’ve all come to believe this so much, alarm clocks have become a necessity and so we have many manufacturers of mobile devices infusing it in all their devices. But setting the alarm clock to wake you up is not good for you. It is actually dangerous to wake up suddenly, not devastating but it is not good for you. So the best alarm is to sleep on time if you want to wake up early and just calculate your 8-hour sleep properly. So if you know you want to wake up at 3 a.m. it will be better to sleep at 7 p.m.


    8. Light Breakfast, Heavy Dinner

    This is a misconception that is so imbibed in our minds it has even affected us physically and so we find it difficult eating the other way round.

    Breakfast should rather be heavy and dinner is rather supposed to be light, so in effect what it means is that you’re rather supposed to take your Banku and Fufu in the morning and your Koko and Rice Water in the evening before going to sleep and not the other way round.

    This is because, when you sleep, you actually fast and so in the morning, what you eat is like breaking your fast reason it is known as breakfast and also you will be doing a lot of activities during the day and need the energy to go about it before lunch or else you will feel weak, this is why we have brunch where people eat before lunch. If they had eaten properly, they wouldn’t need brunch.

    In the evening, however, you’re going to sleep and don’t need that much food because digestion at that hour is slow.

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