24 Things Only People Who Absolutely Hate Harmattan Can Relate To

Image: Ventures Africa

By: Ofori-Mensah | 3 Month(s) ago

Our winter is upon us!

1. When this becomes part of your daily routine.


2. When you end up regretting exercising your right.


3. And nkuto becomes your best friend.


4. When your question our politicians.


5. When you refused to just live.


6. When social media becomes a struggle.


7. When kissing is not so romantic anymore.


8. When water turns against you.


9. And you have to adopt telecommunication strategies to survive.


10. When you don’t need AC anymore.


11. When this becomes a religion.


12. When you regret being born a man.


13. And work becomes a headache.


14. When you can’t even crack a smile.


15. When you have to really question your relationship status.

16. And this happens to your phone.


17. And you have to adopt this mantra as your #1 rule of life.


18. When you don’t know whether to save money or not.


19. And your breakfast turns into a weapon.


20. When the male vs female war is in full force.


21. When you get the stare everywhere you go.


22. When beauty becomes a struggle.


23. And here.


24. When you question Christmas.


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