18 Hair Challenges Every Ghanaian Girl Had To Endure Growing Up

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By: Kwaku Darko | 1 Month(s) ago

These are some of the struggles and challenges every Ghanaian girl had to endure growing up because of their hair.

1. When you have to comb your hair in the harmattan

It feels like cutting through your scalp with a blade but you have to endure it because you need long hair.


2. When you have to shave it because of school

Then on vacation, you leave your hair and it becomes some bushy and beautiful but you have to cut it because school has reopened. That thing can be painful eh!


3. When those who pleat your hair pleat as if they want to pleat your brains

Then when you find yourself in the saloon to pleat your hair too, they pleat it like they want to pleat your brains. It is so tight you can’t even close your eyes.


4. When you have to buy expensive hair extensions

Then comes the times you really need those extensions but you can’t afford them and so you keep an afro and pretend it is a new style.


5. When you don’t have money to change your extension and it starts to stink

Then there’s also that moment the one you have on is due but you don’t have money to change it and it starts stinking and your girls keep complaining you have to take it off but they don’t know the wahala you’re going through.


6. When you have to always hit and scratch your hair head because of the braids you have on

Then you also have to deal with that moment when it itches so much and you’re forced to hit your head so hard just to stop the itching.


7. When you have to sit for long hours just to get your hair done

And when you go to the saloon too, you have to sit for long hours just to get your hair done. Sometimes your neck aches so much but you can’t complain because “you brought yourself”.


8. When during braids, they come along with that fire to burn off the excess hair

Then there’s the moment they are done with the hair and they need to burn off that excess hair at the edges and although it is a routine, you pray your hair doesn’t catch fire.

burning hair


9. When you braid your hair new and your friends try to touch it and you have to do the duck and dive just to avoid them touching it.

Then there is always that moment you walk out of the saloon and when “girls girls” see you, they praise your hair and want to touch it and you go like, “Eeeeeiii!!!” and you duck and dive and dodge their hands.

no touching


10. When everybody sees you at work or school and they all talking about how great your new hairstyle looks but deep down your heart, you know you’re suffering but you keep smiling through.

hair flipping


11. That moment you try to scratch underneath your hair discreetly with a pen or pencil.

Then there’s the moment it itches so bad but it is not convenient at where you’re and so you are forced to scrape your scalp with a pen or pencil discreetly.


12. When people asks you, “Is that your real hair?”

Yeah! It is mine, who do you expect it to be for?


13. Whenever it rains and you have to protect your hair.

You always have to get a rubber bag to cover your hair or else you’re doomed, the smell alone..hmmm!!!


14. When you have to always put on that hair scarf before you sleep because you want to have your hair in place.


15. When your long hair extensions get caught in a zipper.

You can imagine the pain you have to go through.

protective hair



16. When you have to wake up in the middle of the night to put your scarf because you forgot to put it on before sleeping.



17. When someone pulls off your wig in public

Omg!! That’s so embarrassing and can haunt you for days.


18. That finally, that feeling you get when you finally take off your braids and that cool fresh hair blows beneath it, it feels like heaven and you realise you just tortured yourself, but you will go back to it again. 

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