19 Myths About Ghanaian Foods You Probably Believed But Are Not True

By: Kwaku Darko | 2 Day(s) ago

Well! people say a lot of things about food, be it positive or negative just to either destroy the market or make money.

Growing up, we hear a lot of things about a particular food having the ability to do this or that and we believed it and assumed it was a fact but with time, research has proven to us, they are actually concocted lies just to keep us in check.

Here are 19 myths about Ghanaian foods we all probably believed were true although we had doubts.

1. Atadwe Increases Sperm

For decades we’ve been made to believe taking tiger nuts (Atadwe) increases your sperm but unfortunately, this is not a fact.

When it comes to the production of sperm, all the foods you eat come to play and not just one particular fruit.

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2. Snails Aid In Erection

This myth was probably propagated because of the texture of the snail or whatever it is we can’t really tell. But we all know, an erection has got nothing to do with snails. Your blood is what makes you get erections and so the closest we can even link this to food is when we take food that purifies our blood.

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3. Pineapples Causes Miscarriage

There is no scientific proof to this. How can pineapples cause miscarriage? Unless the person is allergic to the fruit or has a condition that’s not favourable to her but aside that, there is no woman who has eaten pineapples when they are pregnant and had a miscarriage.


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4. Avocado Fortifies Hips In Women

If that had been the case, all women whose hips are not fortified would have had their problem solved by now.


5. Gari Can Make You Go Blind

According to the myth, when you eat too much gari, the starch will make you grow blind as you age, unfortunately, we don’t see the link to that. All our foods are starchy but we are not blind anyway.

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6. Eggs Give Cholesterol

Research has proven that, even though the cholesterol in an egg is highly digestive, consuming one a day wouldn’t cause anything unless you already have a history of a heart disease


7. Too Much Consumption Of Ripe Plantain Will Cause Erectile Dysfunction

People say this probably because of the sweetness but what they don’t know is that the sugar in plantain is not harmful to you. It is in its natural form and not processed and there is absolutely no link to your erections. Erectile dysfunction usually occur when you have a lot of blockages in your veins preventing the free flow of blood and other complex situations. Even some medications can cause erectile dysfunction and this has got nothing to do with ripe plantain.

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8. Pork A Source Of Tape Worms

You get tapeworms in your body when you ingest animal faecal material and also when you eat uncooked meat and this is every meat and not necessarily pork and so please stop blaming the pig for it.

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9. Okro Aids In Vaginal Lubrication

Probably because of the texture but this is definitely a myth and not a fact because whether you eat okro or not, a woman will lubricate.

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10. Okro Gives Waist Pains

Only God knows where they got this from but in case you believed it, we want you to know it is not true.


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11. Shrimps Aid In Women Fertility

It is just like saying oysters are aphrodisiacs, what you should know is, a woman’s fertility has got nothing to do with shrimps. Had this been true, all barren women’s problem would have been solved.

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12. Kelewele Gives Jaundice

You should rather be mindful of your alcohol consumption because that’s what can be partly blamed for jaundice and leave kelewele alone.

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13. Kenkey Gives Cancer

It is rather the opposite, Kenkey rather reduces the risk of cancer. This is because it contains carotenoids and research has proven carotenoids helps keep cancer in check.

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14. If You Swallow A Seed It Will Germinate In Your Stomach

Something we grew up to realise it was a big lie. How can the seed of a plant even germinate in that hot stomach of ours?

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15. Processed Sugar Makes Men Impotent

Processed sugar is not good for you, yes! but there are a lot of factors that leads to impotence and there is no research that links processed sugar to impotence although too much intake of processed sugar can lead to a lot of other health issues.

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16. Tomato Heals Prostate Cancer

We don’t know that for sure and there has not been any research to prove this.


17. A Mixture Of Tin Tomato And Coke Is A Blood Tonic

This is one of the most dangerous myths out there because people strongly believe it and use it all the time. As to how a mixture of tin tomatoes and coke became blood tonic, only God knows. Or is it because of the texture? This is one of the most dangerous tinctures out there that people take as a blood tonic.


18. Unripe Plantain Is Good For Diabetic Patients And Riped Ones Are Not

So diabetic patients are advised not take cassava because of the starch but are advised to take unripened plantain. But what most people fail to notice is that unripe plantain is still starchy but ripped ones are not and so you get the iron directly instead of it going through the end product which is sugar.

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19. Stinking Of Alcohol Comes From Your Mouth

This is not food but since people consume it we might as well add it. Now the myth people believe is that, when you take alcohol, it stinks from your mouth reason why they take a mint to shield it but unfortunately, people still manage to make it out. You know why? This is because the stink doesn’t emanate from your mouth, it emanates from your skin.


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