21 Foods Every Ghanaian Child Grew Up With

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By: Kwaku Darko | 4 Day(s) ago

As a child growing up in Ghana, you can’t deny tasting any of these foods whether it is from your tribe or not.

Here are 17 foods every Ghanaian child grew up with.

1. Gari and Beans

Something every Ghanaian kid had to buy right after school in the afternoon or in the morning of weekends.


2. Tuo Zaafi

Something for supper in most Moslem Ghanaian homes and so as a kid you can’t skip this but with other religion and tribes, it is our afternoon meal when your mum is not home.


3. Hausa Koko

Every Ghanaian kids breakfast before school.


4. Mmore Koko

When there is no hausa koko, you fall on Mmore Koko


5. Banku and Okro Soup

Banku and okro soup is one of the most common foods in many Ghanaian homes because you can store the Banku for weeks and whenever there is no food you can fall on the Banku.


6. Plantain with Palava Sauce

Is supper in most Akan homes but common in other homes as well and so most Ghanaian kids have tasted it before.

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7. Rice and Stew

The most common food in every Ghanaian home and something every Ghanaian kid loves.

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8. Jollof

Who hasn’t tasted jollof before? Raise your hand.


9. Fufu and Palmnut Soup

Fufu goes with a lot of soups but the most common one in most homes is with Palm nut soup.


10. Rice Water

Every kid’s breakfast before school.


11. Gari Soakings

If you’re a kid who grew up in Ghana and never tasted gari soakings, then you’ve not experienced life in Ghana. Every Ghanaian kid has to taste this to survive.


12. Gari and Shito

Even if you never tasted it at home, you definitely would in secondary school.


13. Mashke And Groundnut

Mashke is the survivor even when you’re an adult.


14. Emu Tuo and Groundnut Soup

Sunday special for every Ghanaian kid.


15. Waakye

Waakye is what we all depended on when going to school.

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16. Anwa Moo

Anwa moo for lunch is the common food for every Ghanaian kid.

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17. Ampesi

Every kid in Ghana’s supper.


18. Kofi Brokeman

When you come home after school and your mum is not home but there is money at home, this is what every kid goes for.


19. Konkonte and Groundnut soup

The one food we all pretended we’ve never eaten before but we’ve all tasted it before.


20. Kelewele

This food has been with us for ages, just let us know which Ghanaian kid hasn’t tasted this before.

kelewele recipe


21. Fried Yam And Pepper

Your afternoon food after school. Your kind of special food for lunch when there is nothing home.

Fried Yam

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