10 Bizarre Ghanaian Food Combinations That Ended Up Tasting Great


There are a lot of dishes in Ghana and each comes with a particular side. Usually, when you sway from the norm, some people find it unpleasant.

But the ‘hard-knock’ life of Secondary School  taught us how to do a lot of weird food combinations to survive . Some combo dishes surprisingly turned out delicious. These discoveries are not made in high schools alone; some recipes originate from our own homes and from the streets.

These are the unexpected combinations you need to try.

1. Koose Vrs Bread

Usually when you buy bread, what is expected to go with it is fried eggs or butter, but we started combining it with “Koose” and it turned out surprisingly great. Since then, we’ve stuck to it.

Koose And Bread 2


2. Koose Vrs Cocoa Drink

Usually when you prepare a hot cocoa beverage, what you compliment it is usually bread, but have you tried it with “Koose” before? Mehn!!!

Koose And Bread 1


3. Rice Vrs. Okro Stew

Mostly, rice goes with tomato sauce or soup but try it with Okro Stew and see.

Rice and Okro



4. Gari vrs. Shitor vrs. Peanut Butter

So usually in school, what we are used to is what we popularly term as “Gashit” which is Gari and Shitor, but have you ever tried to add groundnut paste or peanut butter to it. Thank us later.




5. Pasta vrs. Milk vrs Chocolate

When you’re done cooking your pasta or spaghetti (talia), the next thing to think about is some nice tomato sauce but what happens when you don’t have the ingredients and all you have is milk and some chocolates in your fridge? Just try this, you will love it.

pasta milk chocolate


6. Water Melon vrs. Brown Bread

Ever tried water melon with brown bread before? Give it a try, thank us later.

Photo Credit: Thrillist.com

Photo Credit: Thrillist.com


7. Cornmeal vrs. Pepper

Cornmeal or “mmore koko” is best known to go with sugar and some bread but when there is no sugar available and you have pepper, don’t stress, add some to it and you might not need sugar again. In fact that is even medicinal. Even nursing mothers are advised to add pepper to their cornmeal for their babies instead of sugar.




8. Banku vrs. Gari

When cooking Banku all you need is cassava dough and corn dough but what if you don’t have cassava dough and there is Gari available? It will turn out so great you might not even want to use cassava dough anymore.




9. Banana vrs. Vanilla Ice cream

Usually when you go buying vanilla ice cream, banana doesn’t come to mind but have you tried mixing up the two? Try it.




10. Fufu vrs Pepper Sauce

When you think of fufu, the next thing that comes to mind is some palm nut soup, light soup, groundnut soup etc. but have you ever thought of pepper sauce like what comes to mind when you think of Ga Kenkey? Nope!

Then you’re missing out on something great. Some tribes actually eat fufu with hot pepper sauce.

Photo Credit: FriedNeckBones/Wordpress

Photo Credit: FriedNeckBones/Wordpress


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