17 Catchy Phrases From Ghanaian Ads That Got Us All Hooked

By: Kwaku Darko | 3 Month(s) ago

If there’s one thing most companies in Ghana spend a lot of money on, it’s marketing and promotion.

To have an impact on marketing your ads needs to stick in the minds of the public. We’ve seen many ads on TV but these few ones got our attention with their catch-phrases. Let’s go!

1. Logoligi Straw

If there’s one thing that is making the Kalyppo ad gain more grounds aside it going viral after Nana Addo was seen sipping one, then it is the “logoligi straw” catch-phrase in the advert and the way the cartoon character depicts it. It is almost on the lips of every kid who requests for Kalyppo these days, “Eeeeeeeiiii!!! Logoligi Straw”


2. Awwwwww!!! (Pomo Rice Ad)

In this ad, this kid goes around asking questions which the mother does not have answers to till he asked one question about Gino Rice and the mother responded by saying, “It is because I love you” and the reaction from the kid is what got everybody hooked, “Awwwwwww!!!”


3. Choco Milo

Aside the song, Choco, Choco, Choco, Choco, Choco Choco Milo, there was a catchphrase at the end, “chewy chocolate chunks of fun”.

Photo: PicturingNigeria

Photo: PicturingNigeria


4. Multi-Vitamin Ad

This is more like a song that was so easy to sing along, it got many people singing it. It went like, “I have Vitamin A, you have Vitamin A too, I Vitamin D…together we give you nutrition and help your children have a normal growth…”.


5. Madam Catherine

“Madam Kathrine Oh! Dende! Mpanyin nom, mmofra nom…” Now that was the catchy part that got us all hooked.

madam catherine


6. Akobalm

Back in the days, anybody who could sing the ad’s catchy rap was the best rapper in Ghana.


7. Nu Nu Scent (New New Scent)

Ariel had this nice ad where a woman describes how good the detergent is and how it saved her day and at the end she mentions how all her clothes smelled good and in her Nigerian accent said, “nu nu scent”, which means, new new scent.


8. Sunlight

“Long lasting sunlight, is all that you neeeeeedddd!!!…” You remember that song? That was the catchy part.


9. Benjilo

Do you remember that ad on Benjilo Fabrics that got many singing along when the lady stepped out of the car and started walking majestically towards the screen? Now that’s what we talking about and that song is the winner.


10. Drop That Yam

Tigo can be classified as one of the best when it comes to ads in the country and that “drop that yam” ad got us all saying same.


11. Akwadaa Wo Ko He

This slogan really did what it was meant to and it got to us perfectly but as to whether it did really succeed in stopping drug abuse is another thing. The message was however very clear.

12. Edey Bee Keke

MTN came up with this one and it became so popular even a popular political party in the country adopted it.


13. Like Seriously, Like Duh!!

This one was from Vodafone and the man behind it was “Funny Face” and it worked magic on most of us. That face he made with that sentence was priceless.


14. It’s Not My Fault

“I fell into a biiiiigggg!!! gutter…it is not my fault” you remember that charming kid who was lying to the mother about why he got himself dirty, yeah that’s it. Omo did brilliantly with that one.


15. Honey Coochie Coochie

Another one of Tigo’s classics. The honey coochie! coochie!! slogan in there became so popular, many were those who even used it in their song.


16. You Dey Do Yourself

This is a new one from Latex Foam and that slogan is quickly gaining grounds in our mind.


17. “Elelehe” (Onga)

Onga’s icing on the cake is that last part where it says, “elelehe” onga. Now that was catchy, at least it was catchy enough to make Sarkodie use it.


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