The Best Ghanaian Food Photography Out There Like You’ve Never Seen Before

By: Kwaku Darko | 20 Day(s) ago

Gone are the days when photography was all about taking pictures after church and events to put in your album or hang in your room.

These days, photography has taken a lot more diverse turn and there are a lot of Ghanaian photographers doing awesome jobs in the country capturing nature, street life, the city, culture and the lifestyle of the people besides the traditional photography of weddings and events.

But if there is one thing most of our photographers are not really paying attention to, then it is photography of our local foods. Food photography is something that is common in the western world but here, we talk a lot about our foods but we’ve not taken our time to view it through the lens of a camera till a Ghanaian photographer who goes by the name Eric Akwesi Baah, showed us a better perspective of our foods.

Here are photographs of some Ghanaian foods like you’ve never seen before and we surely believe these will whet your appetite.

1. In case you wondering what this is, it is your regular Tilapia and pepper well garnished.


2. When an image of fufu calls out your name.


3. Fried yam oh! Brothers and Sisters, fried yam!!


4. When roasted plantain get swag.


5. The kind of food photography that makes you feel like you can grab the food.


6. Charle!! Some goat light soup then things…


7. When photography looks this good, even an incomplete dish looks appetising.


8. Oblayo with swag.


9. Now, Agidi, rice water and groundnuts come get international market oh!


10. This nobi anything oh! just orange but see how you dey swallow saliva.


11. Out of this world mehn!!


12. My guy, drink some Lamujin.


13. My guy, eno be anything oh! Na ordinary cocoa drink


14. Jesus!!! See how Kelewele dey flex us.


15. Gracious, Tuo Zaafi on a different level


16. Awurade!! Mportormportor na eka akuma sei…


17. Mmore koko with international flair.


18. In case you think this is not a Ghanaian food, just know that it is Sobolo.

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