10 Super Erroneous Spots On A Woman Guaranteed To Give Her Pleasure

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By: Quaci Kyei | 19 Day(s) ago

A lot of guys find themselves wanting when it comes to pleasuring their women.

They do a lot of things without result and wonder if something is wrong with the lady. The real truth, however, is that they are not touching the right places and doing the right things.

Below are 10 super erroneous spots that are sure to get your woman super aroused.

1. Ears.

Ears are super sensitive and contain a large number of nerve endings which give pleasure when touched. Rub the place gently with your fingers or splash some kisses there to give the needed pleasure to your woman.

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2. Mouth/Lips.

You kiss her everyday but I bet you don’t know you could pleasure her through just that. Kiss her for 5 minutes or more before the real deal. Make sure to vary the strength and intensity of the kisses to rev things up. Just caressing her lips with your fingers could also do some magic.


3. Breast.

Guys love breast but they only hold and massage it without fully utilizing it to give the woman pleasure. Breasts play a big role in sexual arousal. Most guys assume the breast is just the nipple, hell no. Stimulate the whole breast with kisses and caresses. The under part of the breast has been said to excite a lot of pleasure so focus there as well before zoning in on the nipple with alternating kisses.


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4. Neck.

The neck contains enough sensual energy to give your woman that pleasure. Gently wash the place with some kisses and watch her melt in your arms.

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5. Vagina.

Need we talk about this? From the labia to the opening to the interior, the vagina is just a big bowl of pleasure volcano awaiting explosion.

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6. Clitoris.

Aside the G-Spot in #7, the clitoris holds the next super erroneous spot on a woman. It’s super sensitive and any aggressive play will give pain rather than pleasure. Make sure she’s super aroused before getting near the clit and make sure to lubricate it before touching it.


7. G-Spot.

The G-Spot is one super erroneous zone on a woman. If stimulated correctly, it leads to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms, and potential ejaculation. It is located just about 2 inches up the vaginal wall and feels firm or spongy. To stimulate it, insert 2 fingers about 2 inches into her while she lies on her back. Turn your fingers so your palm faces up and touches her upper vaginal wall and gently massage the area.


8. Behind The Knees.

I’m very sure you ignore this area during pleasure play. This is one of the most erroneous spots on a woman. Make sure your touch is not feather light to tickle her, just rub or kiss the area gently and she’ll feel pleasure hormones flood her body. For added pleasure, spice things up with a little oil and massage or caress gently.


9. Scalp.

The scalp is covered with nerve endings that make it extremely sensitive to touch. Rubbing the scalp helps release tension, increase blood flow and release feel-good hormones into the body. So run your fingers through her hair and caress it while kissing her and she’ll get aroused.



10. Feet.

Gently massaging, caressing and rubbing her feet is a sure way of sending those pleasure signals through her body. For super excitement, kiss and run your tongue around her feet and trust us, she’ll bust up with moans. Of course, you have to do this after you both come out of the shower.

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