Different Kinds Of People In A Danfo/ Trotro

Image: MainOne

Danfo is a commercial bus which Nigerians use on a regular basis, same goes for Ghanaians with Trotro.

In a Danfo or Trotro, you must meet these individuals:

 1 . The Preacher

There are some genuine Preachers, but there are some that just want to sell their CDs and collect offering money.

Photo: Tuko

2. The Smelling Ones

There must be somebody with smelly clothes, smelly socks or smelly armpit.

bad smell

Image: pinterest

3. The Amebos

There must be somebody always looking at your phone to read messages, or staring at your wallet to see how much you have.

Office gossip

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4. The Gisters

These are people who start talking as soon as they board the bus, till they get down. Their own work is to disturb everybody in the bus

5. The Sleepers

They would be shaking head like agama, and be pouring spit on everybody

6. Staffs

These are the individuals that have decided that they would never pay bus fare in their life. They would enter bus, and refuse to pay the conductor

7. The Fighters

These ones have decided that every danfo they enter must have problem. They fight with the conductors, they fight with the drivers and they also fight with the passengers.

8. The Big Spenders

These ones would enter 50 naira bus with 1000 naira. Where would the conductor find change?

9. The Window Seaters

These ones think the window is for them alone. They’ll stay at the window seat and refuse to shift for anybody.

10. The Big Bumbum Passenger

These ones have bumbum of seven (7) people, but they want to pay for one seat

11. The Quiet Ones

These ones are always with earpiece, they don’t care about any other person.

12. The Noisy Ones

These ones don’t have earpiece or headsets, so they play music out and disturb everybody in the bus.


Which of the Danfo Passengers did we miss out?