8 Types Of Couples Who Really Piss Us Off

Photo: Ray Style's Hand

By: Kwaku Darko | 7 Month(s) ago

Inasmuch as we wish couples the very best and happiness in whatever they have going on.

Sometimes they take things too far and tend to piss us, the single people, off when they do these things and rub it all in our faces.

1. Feely Touchy Couple

These are the types of couples you see in town and they seem not to care about the world. They are always nibbling at each other’s ears, kissing, touching each other’s faces and sometimes doing disgusting things in public. They make it seem like they are the only couples in the world.

Photo: PenciledCelebrities/Ray Styles's Hand

Photo: PenciledCelebrities/Ray Styles’s Hand


2. The Fitness Couple

If you’re a gym regular, then you might have come across this several times. These are the types who only come to the gym together and only exercise together and seems like they are the only people meant to motivate each other. Even if there is a fitness class, they will not participate and you will see them in one corner shouting at each other to keep moving. One always acts as an instructor while the other does the exercise, they always switch up later.



3. The Violent Couple

These are the types who are provoked at the least situation and you will always see them at each other’s neck but you dare not try to separate them or else you will end up as the victim. The next moment they are are so cool together like nothing ever happened.

Photo: Ray Style's Hand

Photo: Ray Style’s Hand


4. The Horny Couple

These types don’t care where they get down and the moment they feel like it, don’t care who is around. They can do it everywhere. Get a room guys.



5. The In And Out Couple

These are the types who break up 1001 times and get back 1001 times. One minute they’ve broken up, the next minute they are back together. They can promise heaven and earth they will never get back together and before you know it, they are back together and if you’re their friend, you better not advise them because they will later blame you for trying to separate them.

Photo: Pepsi/YouTube

Photo: Pepsi/YouTube


6. The Social Media Addict Couple

These are the types who want the whole world to know they are together and so they seem to share the same profile on social media. You hardly see a picture of only one of them, they’re always splashing the internet with their everyday life as if they don’t have separate lives.

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram


7. The Competitive Couple

These are the couples who actually think their relationship is better than the other person by always comparing their lives with other couples.

Image: kamdora.com

Image: kamdora.com


8. The Judgmental Couple

These are the couples who always judge other couples and what they do. They always complain about all the types above.

Photo: Naa Ashorkor/Instagram

Photo: Naa Ashorkor/Instagram


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