11 Characteristics Of Self-Acclaimed Social Media Boss Chicks

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By: Quaci Kyei | 12 Day(s) ago

Boss chicks are supposed to be independent ladies who are making it in society and won’t settle for anything less.

Unfortunately, due to social media, every girl claims to be a boss chick. Any girl with a phone who can take pictures now assumes the title of a boss chick, meanwhile they have nothing to show for it.

Below are 11 characteristics of these so-called boss chicks.

1. Bleaching.

These so-called boss chicks have bleached their skin to the point where they have patches due to the use of fake products. Their dark knuckles, knees, elbows and spotted feet always give them away on social media.

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2. Fake Designer Outfits.

You’ll think that as a boss chick, these girls will rock real designers like the real boss chicks but no. They show off in knock-offs and yet claim to be boss chicks.

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3. Fake Designer Bags.

One feature in pictures taken by these boss chicks are bags. When they take pictures in their room, you’ll find over 10 bags hanged on the wall. When they take pictures outside, you’ll find them displaying their bags. Unfortunately, these bags are all knock-offs, in other words, fake.

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4. Excessive Filtering.

To make them look good online, they employ a lot of filtering on their photos before posting them. They are more than photoshop experts.

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5. Outrageous Occupation Info.

Running through profiles of these girls, you’ll find occupations like CEO World Bank, Manager self-employed, Manager, my own sh*t, Manager Microsoft etc.

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6. Single Rooms.

As a boss chick, you’ll imagine that these girls will be staying in huge apartments but no. From their pictures, it’s obvious they live in one room apartments. In one picture, you’ll see their bags, bed, television, cooking utencils and gallons and barrels for storing water. Most even share these rooms with other supposed boss chicks.

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7. Dirty Background.

It’s either they are standing in front of some dirty looking structure or littered room or in the sand. They try so hard to fake this lifestyle but unfprtunately, their surroundings give them away. Which boss chick stands in front of a room with a dirty looking trap door?

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8. Showing Money.

To make their claim legit, they’ll try showing off money in their pictures just to show that they are indeed living the life. The truth, however, is that, those who are truly boss chicks, have no time showing their stack of cash on social media, they are too busy making money.

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9. Social Media Freaks.

From morning to evening they’ll be on social media. So the question is, at what time do they make money? Yes, you can have businesses that bring you money but at the end, you’ll need to supervise and also break new grounds so you won’t have time always sitting on social media.

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10. Shisha.

Most people think smoking, drinking, and clubbing is an indication of good living or indicates that one is living the life. That’s so wrong. These social media boss chicks will post pictures of them puffing on Shisha and tag it, “living the life”. What life are you living?


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11. Colored Hair/Tattoos.

I still find it hard to understand how colored hair or tattoos define boss “chickness”. Anyways, this is what most of these girls display on social media in the name of being boss chicks.


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