14 Times The Phrase “Bye Felicia” Was Just Too Perfect A Response In Ghana

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“Bye Felicia” is a quote that has taken prominence in social media and real life conversations in recent times.

The phrase is used when someone says they’re leaving and you could really care less that they are or a farewell to someone unimportant. Below are instances we feel the phrase is just too perfect in Ghana.


1. When Asiedu Nketiah Says He’s Stopping Politics.

I’m sure everyone will be happy about this statement including his own party members.

asiedu nketia


2. When That Rickety Trotro’s Driver Says If You Don’t Run He’ll Leave You.

It’s rickety and dangerous so if you want to go, be my guest, nothing lost.


3. When POJOSS Boys Say They Won’t Participate In NSMQ Again.

They lost yesterday to some unknown senior high school and we won’t care if they don’t want to particpate again…..lol

pope johns

Image: Kwasi_Wagon/Twitter


4. When Bukom Banku Says He’s Quitting Boxing.

Honestly, what has his boxing brought to Ghana apart from being here and winning cheap fights? We can do without him.



5. When Government Announces It’s Selling ECG.

It’s going to be welcome news. With all their wahala, we’ll be extremely happy.

uhuru laughing

Image: Diaspora Messenger


6. When That “Laborrow” Friend Of Yours Leaves Cos You Won’t Give Him Your New Shirt.

That’s great relief there. My clothes will breathe finally.


7. When You’re Done Copying And The Invigilator Moves You To A Different Seat.

That is just sweet. You’re done with your copying so if he moves you, you don’t really care. You just pick your paper and move to your new seat like a boss.

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8. When That Girl You Want To Break Up With Tells You She’s Leaving.

You just made it very simple for us. Bye Bye!!

Bye Bye GIF

Image: Giphy


9.  That Moment You Hear D-Black Is Threatening To Leave The Music Industry.

No comment but we know you’ll be excited.


10. When The Policeman Stops You, Interrogates You But Everything On You Car Is Intact.

This is just sweet. They just watch you with an eye of disappointed while you drive away.

Police Hail

Image: SocDaily


11. When Someone Says They’re Leaving Ghana Because We Are Too Corrupt.

Who cares, there’s corruption everywhere and we love our Ghana anyways.


12. When You Beat Up That Bully And He Bolts.

Some people look at you and feel they can beat you up due to size difference, so when you surprise then and whip their behind, they bolt. Where are you going Mr.Fighter, come back here.



13. When NDC Supporters Say They Won’t Vote In 2020.

Who cares?

Nicki Minaj Crazy Laugh Gif

Image: AskIdeas


14. When Someone Jumps The Queue But The Waakye Seller Sees And Asks Them To Go Behind.

Just perfect, next time you’ll join the queue and respect everyone.

Image: KokoFeed