27 Awkward Moments In Life That Makes Us Feel Guilty

By: Kwaku Darko | 3 Month(s) ago

Life comes with a lot of awkward moments that we often overlook but there are some that really lingers on in our subconscious for ages because of the guilt it brings.

Here are 27 moments in life that makes us feel guilty inwardly.

1. When you see friends and you pretend you’ve not seen them

There are times you just don’t want to talk to some people, especially the type you know will delay you and so when you meet them in town, you pretend you’ve not seen them just to avoid them but unfortunately, they see you and wave at you and you smile sheepishly by saying, “eeeii!!! is that you, I didn’t see you oh!” but deep down in your heart, you know you did.


2. When you ask about the price of things you know you can’t afford but pretend you can

You sometimes find yourself in a shop and you see items that are obviously way over your budget and at the back of your mind, you know you can’t afford them but because there are people around, you intentionally ask of the price as if you want to buy and when it hits you, you decide to haggle the price only to come up with an excuse and step out feeling guilty and thanking your stars at the same time for almost committing suicide through hunger.


3. When You lie about the price of your attire

This is very common among celebrities when they step on the red carpet. If you’ve found yourself in that situation, you will understand us better. You buy clothes and when you’re asked how much you bought it, you inflate the price so much just to give off the impression that you buy expensive stuff.


4. When you want to buy a condom and want everybody to get out first

You walk into a pharmacy to get yourself some condoms and find many people walking in and out of the place, it gets to your turn and you still tell the attendant to continue serving others because you have more time to waste. Nope! you ain’t got any time to waste, you’re just shy to buy a condom. Even after you get to finally buy it and leave the pharmacy, you feel guilty because you just made it obvious that you’re going to have sex.


5. When you pretend you don’t need the compliment but you really do

Ladies, for once just accept it when someone says you’re beautiful and stop those , “oh! you don’t mean it”, “com’on you’re lying”, “are you sure?” excuses because deep down in your heart you know you’re happy.

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6. Picking your nose in public

Unconsciously, we all sometimes pick our nose in public only to snap back to reality and realise we are embarrassing ourselves and look sheepishly at the faces looking at us and wish we never did it in the first place. The annoying part is when you’re toying with it and this veteran is looking at you like you’re some spoilt brat.


7. When friends and family sing Happy Birthday to you

That moment really feels awkward especially at your age and when it’s a surprise. It makes you feel like, “com’on, I’m too old for this” but you have no option than to go through it all.

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8. When you get confused entering the elevator for the first time

We’ve all been there and done that although we always laugh at others peoples first time experience, we know we all messed up for the first time. You walk out and can’t look around because you feel everyone saw you struggling with the buttons.


9. The butterflies you feel when the elevator takes off the first time

And when you finally step into an elevator for the first time and it takes off and you get that funny feeling in your tummy and look at the others to feel if they going through the same feeling or it’s just you making a fool out of yourself and then you grab hold of the metal handles and smile as if everything is okay but deep down you know it is not okay!!!

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10. When you fart in the library and it comes out loud

The most silent place on earth is the library and so even speaking above a whisper is prohibited. Nothing feels embarrassing than when you try to let out a silent one and it comes out loud and all eyes turn on you and nobody says a word. You step out feeling guilty for the rest of your life, you might not even step into that library again.


11. When you have to explain to your guests at your wedding how you met your wife

Who even came up with this thing anyway? You have no option than to go through it.

benachi wedding

Image: kenyans.co.ke


12. When you go window shopping and couldn’t buy a thing

You walk into a supermarket and walk around for almost an hour and walk out buying nothing. Nobody says a thing but at the back of your mind, you feel guilty because you feel people will be talking at your back for being broke.


13. When you dump refuse where you’re not supposed to

Deep down your heart you know it is wrong to dump refuse where you are dumping it, but you do it anyway and walking home you feel like you walking with a heavy metal on your feet because you know someone is definitely going to insult you the next day.

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14. When the deaf and dumb approach you with a leaflet and you have no money

Even just reading this, you know you feel guilty anytime you find yourself in that situation.


15. When strangers give you flyers in town and you throw it away some few steps away

You know you don’t need that flyer but you won’t refuse it but you’ll accept it only to throw it away some few metres away from them.


16. Telling your crush the amount you earn as salary

Looking at your payslip, the most difficult moment of your life is telling the lady or guy you love how much you really earn and that really feels awkward.

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17. Asking your best friend to pay back the money they owe you

The reason why we don’t do it at all sometimes is because it feels embarrassing since you expect them to pay. It makes you feel like a bad friend but you also need your money.


18. When someone raises their hand to scratch their head and you think they’re waving at you

You only raise your hand back and realise it has got nothing to do with you and you end up pretending you were actually going to scratch your head. You lie!!!


19. Having a conversation with a cross-eyed person

There is nothing more embarrassing than sitting across the table with a cross-eyed having a conversation. They confuse you all the time because you don’t know where they are looking and you don’t also want them to feel like you know their condition so you try looking them straight in the face but unfortunately you can’t and you end up feeling guilty.


20. Chatting with a stutterer

You try very hard to avoid them but you have no option than to be gentle and sit through the whole conversation just to make them happy but deep down within, you wish to get up and leave and that makes you feel guilty too.


21. Buying personal hygiene products such as toilet paper

Whenever you walk into the shop to buy products such as toilet paper, it feels really awkward because it makes you feel like everybody knows what you’re going to do.


22. When you have to correct your superior who always gets your name wrong

If your boss always gets your name wrong, correcting them is the most awkward moment of your life. It feels like you commanding them to do the right thing for once.


23. Walking through a group of people of the opposite sex

Very peculiar with ladies, when they are walking and they have to walk through a group of boys. That alone can change the way they walk.

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24. Having sex and knowing your parents are in the next room

What else can define awkward and guilt better?

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25. Doing a “fly away” and hearing someone shout, “Who is that?”

A “fly away” in Ghana is when people defecate into a plastic bag and neatly tie it in a polythene bag and throw it over the fence. Now, when you do that and you hear someone shout, “who is that?”, you know you just caused havoc and that can haunt you for the rest of your life. It gets worse if you’re caught.


26. Peeing where it says, “Do not urinate here”

You sometimes get so hard pressed and you have no option than to let it out and the only place comfortable enough for such an action is where it is written, “Do not urinate here”. Out of desperation, you find yourself doing it there and while doing it, you look up at the sign and feel guilty but you can’t stop because nature is calling.


27. When you let out a silent one in a Troski and everybody is asking, “Who did that?”

You’re in a commercial vehicle heading home and your tummy is filled with gas from the waakye you took in the day, you can’t hold it in anymore and so you decide to face the odds and let out a silent one, the smell lingers and you know it is horrible and everybody starts cursing the culprit and you sitting there quietly knowing you’re the guilty one but you can’t utter a word because it will give you away. Now, that can haunt you for years.

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