You Can Now Lie To Men That You’re A Virgin With This Artificial Hymen

image: Previnex

Maybe your first time wasn’t all that.

So you may probably want to do it again, get ‘touched for the very first time’. Or maybe you lied to your partner, whatever the reason is, you can have a second, third, fourth, hell even fifth virginity if you wanted. With this artificial hymen, you’ll have your partner thinking that he’s your first.


image: YouTube

First you carefully insert directly in using your index finger  about an hour and a half before sleeping with him. It will then dissolve in your vagina from the heat from your body then change into a gelatinous mass and quickly bind to the vagina’s wall.

Once he penetrates, it will create fake blood that will spread and stain the sheets with a few drops.



You can also use hymen pills, which you’ll insert and will dissolve between 45 to 60 minutes and create the fake hymen.

I wonder if you’ll feel the same pain, or you just have to fake that too?


image: Tenor

Only one can wonder what situations one would use this for, but if it’s possible, tell the man straight up about your sexual history. I’m sure even he doesn’t want to see blood if there’s no need for it.

One thing is for sure people are getting creative with their products.