10 Annoying Moments We Experienced During Christmas In Ghana

By: Kwaku Darko | 22 Day(s) ago

We just celebrated Christmas in Ghana and we all had to endure these moments.

They were sometimes annoying but they all added to the festive season.

1. Human Traffic

There are always many people in town but during Christmas periods in Ghana, it quadruples, making movement in town very difficult.

Busy Lagos Island Market

Image: NationalGeographic


2. Price Hikes

As if by divine design, Ghanaian traders automatically increase the prices of their wares during Christmas, where elsewhere people actually reduce theirs to clear.

Money feature pic

Photo: Mombo.co.ke


3. Bronya Ade3

You meet anybody in town and the first thing they ask is, “me bronya ade3 wo he?” to wit “where is my Christmas gift?” as if you owe them a Christmas gift.


4. Christmas Carols

You don’t get to enjoy your favourite song on radio anymore, they all play Christmas carols.

Image: Instagram


5. Large Quantities Of Fancy Stuff For Sale

The whole country is ridden with fancy things just for Christmas and if you have kids or nephews and nieces, you’ll understand what this means.

Image: wifflegif.com


6. Promotions

This is the period many Ghanaians realise they need to promote their wares. Almost every company is running a promotion of a sort.

Image: giphy


7. Events

Every event ground is covered by events and every musician wants to put up a show. There is noise everywhere due to one event or the other. Even residential areas have their share with private parties.


8. Salary Comes Too Early

You are happy because you get your salary by 15th December but your mood changes when it gets to January 10th and you have nothing to live on.

image: giphy.com


9. Transportation Wahala

Getting a car home becomes a herculean task and it’s even more painful when you have nothing to do with Christmas.

Image: Innov8tiv


10. Transportation Fares Go Up

There is a normal fare for all commercial vehicles but during Christmas, they intentionally increase the fare for no reason. Some will even decide to run short distances to a final destination instead of loading directly to the place. This way, they get to make a lot more money.



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