7 Ways To Drive Your Car That Will Make It Consume Less Fuel

Image: qz.com

The way you are driving might be the reason why you are spending so much on fuel. 

You need to learn how to drive your car in a way that won’t consume a lot of fuel. How you drive can save you a lot on your fuel expenses, and here’s how to do it.

Here are ways to drive your car so it consumes less fuel; 

1. Don’t accelerate too much.

As much as you may like to copy the fast and the furious with their fast cars, it’s not financially practical. Make sure you don’t press too hard on the pedal. Braking and acceleration should be done as smoothly as possible to reduce the consumption of fuel.


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2. Don’t brake too much either. 

The more you brake the more energy will be needed to get the car moving again, once again consuming fuel. So while you may be the cautious driver, slow down gently, only when necessary.


image: NASA Speed News Magazine

3. Don’t push the accelerator at all when going down hill.

Let the car move on it’s own when headed down hill, no need to give it a push when it’s already going.


image: Ooh My Blog

4. Don’t switch your car off and on constantly while in traffic. 

Less consumption is used when you keep your car on drive, as opposed to switching it off and on again. Doing this will cause your car to start all over, requiring more energy and using more fuel.


image: B Bad Blog

5. Don’t switch on your air conditioner. 

That also consumes fuel.  Fuel consumption rises by about 15 percent when the air conditioning is on.


image: Unsplash

6. Drive shorter distances. 

Learn those nifty short cuts to get to your destination faster, and save on time and money.


image: NYMag

7. Keep an eye on your speedometer. 

Check that your raves per minute don’t go above three. The raves shows you how much power the car is using, so keep an eye on it. Also pay attention to anything you might be doing that’ll make the meter spike up.


image: Caton Radio