7 Signs You’re A Freak In Bed

We all have our inner freak, or at least many of us do. 

We all have something we’ve always wanted to do, or always wanted to get done to. What sets apart the freaks from those who are more or less average, is the fact that they actually go for it.

Here are 7 signs you’re a freak in bed: 

1. You like a little pain with your pleasure. 

Whether it’s a whip, or candle wax, you’re not afraid to communicate this with your partner and actually do it.


image: Gifer

2. Getting strangled is a turn on. 

It just is. Slightly though, the more rough you like it, the freakier you probably are.


image: WiffleGif

3. You’re not afraid to do sexy stuff outdoors.

You’re an adventurous soul, and it turns you on thinking you may just have an audience.


image: Popsugar

4. You’ve been in bed with more than one person at a time.

Basically a threesome, or foursome, or fivesome?


image: Make a Meme

5. You enjoy having sex. 

And you know you’re pretty great at it.


image: Tenor

6. You’re not afraid of making a sexual fantasy come true. 

Whether it’s doing it in the beach, or something more complicated, it’s on your bucket list, and it’s definitely happening someday.


image: Giphy

7. You know sex tricks and moves that your partner would have never imagined. 

You are intrigued by sex, so you’re always learning new things. Things that you in turn teach your significant other. You may have surprised a few partners with some impressive skills, and they may never forget you because of it.


image: Tenor