7 Signs Employment Isn’t For You And You Are Destined For Something Greater

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Sometimes you stare at your desk or cubicle at work and you can’t imagine doing it for the rest of your life.

Maybe there’s something telling you that this isn’t what is meant for you. Here are 7 signs you’re not made for employment and you are destined for something better.

If these apply to you, take charge of your life, try manage your time and achieve more to make your dreams a reality: 

1. You get bored quickly, because you’re a fast learner and constantly need a challenge.

Sometimes employment can be monotonous, hence you can get very frustrated with having to do the same thing.


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2. You are constantly thinking about resigning.

But you need that money, sigh.


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3. You have this cool side hustle that you’re great at. You’re constantly thinking of ways to enhance it.


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4. You’re always looking for other ways to make additional money, besides your job.



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5. You hate having a boss who demands you around, or is too technical, you appreciate flexibility.

Maybe you’re not the best employee, but you may be a good entrepreneur.


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6. You feel you can do more or make more if employment didn’t take so much of your time.


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7. You’re ambitious and a hard working especially when you are doing something that interests you.


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