7 Reasons Why Women Pretend To Orgasm

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Women fake it sometimes. 

We take a bit of time to get there, sometimes not at all. The media and porn has instilled a certain expectation that penetrative sex can usually make most women come.  And sometimes, unfortunately, we fake it rather than spend more time and effort working for it.While the world tells women they should enjoy sex and have a lot of it, the world doesn’t tell women how to enjoy it.

Here are 7 reasons why women pretend to climax:  

1. We might be faking because “vaginal” orgasms don’t actually exist. 

A 2014 review published in the journal Clinical Anatomy, has shown that what we once thought were “vaginal” orgasms are actually also clitoral ones, because the interior portion of the clitoris wrap around the vagina, and, depending on their locations, can be stimulated internally. So it’s possible to cum from your Vagina, but mostly frustrating.


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2. We are tired and want to finish. 

Sometimes we are just over it. We need to look like we’ve had a happy ending.


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3. We don’t want to let you down. 

We like you, and we don’t want to hurt your ego, so we just fake it. We are generous lovers.


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4. We fake it because you are ugly.

Women reported “more frequent and earlier-timed” orgasms when boning alpha types who had “objectively-measured facial masculinity, observer-rated facial masculinity, partner-rated masculinity, and partner-rated dominance.”

So basically, sexier guys are likely to make a woman come, sorry ugly men.


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5. We fake it because you keep asking. 

When you say, ‘have you come?’ all the time, there’s pressure to just pretend.


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6. Single women have less of a chance at orgasm to begin with.

Research has discovered that women are half as likely to come during casual sex as they are in relationships (at a rate of about 40 versus 75 percent). So single women are more inclined to fake it — maybe because they don’t comfortable enough to ask their partner for what they want.


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7. We are drunk and feel like a porn star. 

So we moan away until you think we’ve climaxed.


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