7 Reasons Why Women With Medium Sized Behinds Are Perfect

image: Classic 105

Medium sized butts are just right.

It’s not the fleshy decadence of Beyoncé nor the compact rigidity of Megan Fox. It’s in the perfect middle, and women in this category can get away with just about anything, and at times enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s not overwhelming, but there’s definitely something to look at. Depending on the outfit you’re wearing, or even when you’re wearing nothing at all, your butt can look both cute and sexy.

Here are 7 reasons why women with medium sized butts are perfect:

1. They look perfectly decent in jeans.


image: Ghananewsonline

2. But can look jaw dropping in bikinis or swimsuits.


image: MyBrownBaby

3. They still look gorgeous in sundresses, and men absolutely love sundresses.

They also look good in any other kind of dress for that matter.


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4. Its not too hard to find clothes in your size when shopping.


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5. You don’t attract too much unwanted attention to yourself.


image: Cosmopolitan

6. You’ve got something your bae can grab and appreciate.


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7. And you get some ‘big booty’ perks like that little moment when you’re trying to get your jeans to fit.


image: Take 254 Arts & Entertainment