7 Habits Overly Handsome Men Have That Turn Off Women

image: Ebony Magazine

Overly handsome men are for the most part, just good to look at. 

They are great to take pictures with or walk around with, but they come with some serious struggles at times that you have no intention of carrying with you into a relationship. It almost feels like they aren’t relationship material.

Average looking men are much easier to work with and here is why.

Here are 7 habits overly handsome black men have that turn off women:

1. They are all talk and no action. 

This applies especially to bedroom skills. And to say the most part, it’s a bit disappointing at times.


image: Gifer

2. There is always another girl somewhere. 

They are beautiful, so they are on demand and while you may not mind a challenge, it may get exhausting at some point.


image: Giphy

3. Sometimes, they are pretty boring. 

I guess they don’t have to try as hard, but this eventually makes for boring conversation.


image: VideoBlocks

4. They are BAD at vibing.

Don’t expect well thought out pick up lines from hot dudes. They fall short in that department. Look, such men have been attracting women throughout their lives. They hardly make the first move. Instead, it’s women who always throw themselves at them.


image: Classic 105

5. They have this superiority complex, that just makes you want to go ‘oh lord’  (eyes roll).  

They are fine, and most handsome guys know it. They feel like they are on top of the world. They can be overly confident.


image: Madison365

6. They automatically believe you’ll be an easy catch.  

Since a lot of other women were before you, so he’s not too keen to put in too much effort to get you.


image: Fashion design images

7. There’s really no effort in the texting department.

Maybe it’s because he has other options.


image: Char J. Patterson