9 Stressful Experiences All Nurses Can Relate

The job of nurses is primarily to care for others and maintain the daily operation of a facility, but in practice, no two days are ever the same.

Respect to all nurses! We do appreciate the sacrifices and the work you put in.

Here is a humorous interpretation of a few of the realizations you’ve likely had at one point or another during your nursing career. Enjoy!

1. When you realize that you have worked every Saturday night for the past 6 months.

2. When you realize that your patient has diagnosed themselves via Google and is convinced that they have all the Egyptian Plagues. 

3. When your nurse supervisor is upset with something you did.


4. When your co-worker tells you about their awesome weekend and you worked the whole time.

5. When you realize just how tired you are when you FINALLY get the chance to sit down on your 10th hour. 


6. When the ‘Nhwehw3 anim’ new nurse tells you how to do your job. Like! bitch, please!


7. When you’re relieved for lunch break at work, but you know you’re going to be interrupted

8. When you have to be on your feet for hours on an empty stomach and a full bladder.

9. Receiving slaps from a mentally ill patient.