7 Awesome Perks To Being An Introvert

image: Quiet Revolution

So maybe we are socially awkward.

We may often get ignored, or left out of conversations. However it’s not all sad, being an introvert has it’s cool moments. In a way, we’re almost superheros.

Here are 7 awesome perks to being an introvert: 

1. We  are less likely to say something stupid to someone.

We don’t talk as much, so when we do, it’s mostly intelligible.


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2. We have amazing imaginations and rich inner worlds.


image: thewarrinerschool.co.uk

3. We tend to process greater volumes of information in any given situation.

It is for this reason that we tire more easily from overstimulation.


image: tenor

4. We are basically great listeners.


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5. As a result, we make great friends.

It’s common for introverts to have fewer friends, but their friendships are closer and more meaningful. While extroverts might appear to have 100 friends, how many of those relationships are close?


image: Atlanta Black Star

6. When we speak, it’s important.

An extrovert might say everything that pops into his mind. Some of it’s important. Some of it’s not. An introvert won’t open his mouth unless he thinks he has something relevant to say.


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7. The future favors us.

The evolution of technology, the greater reliance on technology, and the increasing occurrence of remote employment favor introverts. Your future looks good.


image: Northstar Church