5 Signs You Use Christianity Only When It’s Convenient For You

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There’s nothing wrong with Christianity. 

There is a problem however when you turn it into something for your own unrighteous gain, then it becomes hypocritical. Many of us live in a still conservative community based on Christian values, and many people fall into the trap of possibly overdoing it, and it’s not always for the right intentions.

Here are 5 signs you use Christianity only when it’s convenient for you: 

1. You constantly preach to others, but you don’t practice what you preach. 

We all do this to an extent, but when you bring Jesus, God, and the Bible into it, it becomes a whole other level of hypocrisy. Plus it’s disrespectful, and quite annoying.


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2. Your actions in the church and outside the church are VERY contradictory. 

You know yourself, I’m not judging.


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3. You prioritize looking more like a Christian, than actually being one. 

The listening to gospel, going to church on Sunday, going for bible study, etc are more of a show.


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4. You give money or tithe with the expectation of getting something back.

Things such as tithe and offering are meant to be given as show of faith and gratitude, not as a bribe to God or to expect anything in return.


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5. You seek God only when you are in a bad situation. 

We’ve all done this at one point of another, however, it’s better to pray and thank God as much as you can.


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