13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids

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Remember when you were a kid, and you couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult?

Now when you reminisce, don’t you realize life was so good and simple back then?! ugh! Yeah, we may have done some stupid things or had no clue what was going on around us. If you will be honest, wouldn’t you want that same life back now though?

There are so many lessons that one can learn from kids, but here are 13 things we came up with:

1. Be yourself!

Kids do not worry about what others think about them. We can walk around with our silly spectacles and everyone still loved us. Why would you want to change from that? Be yourself always, trust me it works paa!

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



2. Dance like no one’s watching.

Remember when you used to let your inner Michael Jackson get the best of you, and you would dance like no one was watching your sorry moves? Can we go back there again? Loosen up and don’t be shy to move a step. What happened to being a carefree kid?

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



3. Don’t be tribalistic.

You didn’t care if your friend was a Hausa, Ashanti, Ga, Ewe or Frafra. All we knew was, we had an amazing friend! As adults, we should have the same attitude, and treat everyone the same way you would like to be treated. After all, we all bleed the same blood, don’t we?

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids


4. Add colour to our lives.

Add your old crayons back into your life, and colour it away! Life looks better and beautiful that way anyway.

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



5. Be crazy

Loosen up a few screws in your head. Why so serious? Please go back to your crazy self again, the world had Einstein through craziness so a little madness wouldn’t hurt us.

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



6. Enjoy life as it is – one day at a time.

When I turn 25, I will have a good job, then marry by say 30, have kids right away and build my dream house 5 years later. Ah!! Why worry so much about things? Especially when we are not even sure how our lives are going to pan out in the future. Of course, people fail to plan not plan to fail, but sometimes you just need to get yourself some cold amuduru (ginger drink) mixed with groundnut, kick back and enjoy the ride of life.

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



7. Be ambitious.

Remember when you wanted to be President as a kid? Or was it an astronaut? We were so confident and determined to be all we want to be. Why refrain from that ambitious attitude now chaley?

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



8. Always speak your mind.

Sometimes it’s okay to let people know how much you miss them or accept that you did not like something they did. It’s not rocket science! Remember when you cried your heart out when your mom dressed you in that crazy outfit? That was you speaking your mind!!

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



9. Laugh at yourself some.

When you can’t figure it out, its okay to laugh. I’m sure its all part of the game.

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



10. Be stubborn.

I am #1 on the stubborn child list, but hey look how I turned out? Sometimes if you desire something badly, you have to be that stubborn child who wouldn’t let it go that easy, why settle for less when you desire more?

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



11. Learn new things.

We used to always learn new things, remember? Learning a video game? The new dance move? Or was it trying to act like your mom or dad? We were always discovering something new, and moving on to the next one. It was fun then, and should be fun now, anaa?

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



12. Always be curious.

You know that annoying child who always asks questions no matter what? (my little sister ugh!). Don’t leave anything to imagination, ask as many questions as you want. After all, that is the best way to learn!

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids



13. Be free and open

Ever seen a kid with no front teeth smile? Yes, be that kid again, always smile and embrace people who may not necessarily look or act like you.