10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend


Like a musician said, “you only know you love her when you let her go.” Introducing her to people as your girlfriend doesn’t mean she’ll stick around forever.

Don’t take her for granted, you’d need to ensure that she remains yours by working hard at keeping her happy all the time. Make sure she feels she’ll lose something great if she intends to call it quits.If you really don’t want her to slip through your fingers then you must follow these tips religiously.

1. Never put a lock on your phone


Even if you would, give her access to your phone by sharing your passcode or add her fingerprint as a second user.


2. Be quick to apologize


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Admit your wrongs and apologize to her – it doesn’t make you less of a human. End the argument with a kiss when something goes wrong even if it’s no fault of yours.


3. Try to see her often


Make it a routine to see her often even if both of you live far apart. These days technology has bridged that gap so you can call or text her if you can’t be there in person.


4. Take her out


A little outing once in a while is quite OK. Going out doesn’t require a huge budget like others think, it is actually easy on the pocket. A night out to the movies, to get food or even a casual late night outing is great.


5. When she’s around, don’t be on your phone

Try as much as possible to keep your phone out of sight when she’s around especially during an outing. Ladies love the attention so give it to them undivided.


6. Make sure you hear from her all the time*

Need I say more? Note the asterisk (*) sign – it’s very important!


7. Try as much as possible to sacrifice for her

maternity shoot


You call her BAE (Before Anything/Anyone Else) therefore you must show it when NECESSARY.


8. Man up for her

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What would you do if a ‘macho’ man fondles with your bae’s butt or boobs? You can’t fight but at least stand up in her defence. A black eye will give you a 24-hour nurse – yeah. Anyway, manning up isn’t all about fighting, go figure.


9. Try as much as possible to be there for her.


Image: Instagram/maureenwaititu

Be there for her always – prep her for that interview, give her the crying shoulder and all her needs especially emotional moments. Play, cry, laugh and all those activities which take two.


10. Do for her what you wouldn’t do on a normal day

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Cook for her even if it doesn’t end as expected, you two will just laugh it off and life continues.

credit: Kiki & Jay/YouTube