7 Delicious Things You Must Eat In The Month Of December

This month is going to be full of delicious things.

You may not like food in large quantities, but the fact is you love eating good food. And most times, when you think about it, your meal cycle is revolved around some certain meals. So we’ll bring you 7 things you should try out every month to spice up your meal table from African chefs and food bloggers.

For the month of December, here are our picks! We’ve also attached the recipes so you don’t go through the hassle of looking for that.

1. Peppered Gizzard

Because it’s the festive seasons, you can have this for your guests while they wait for the big plate of rice you’re cooking. Here’s a recipe

peppered gizzard


2. Juicy Devil’s Barbecue Chicken Wings

Chicken is always the food for December. Call some friends over and make them these delicious devils’ barbecue chicken wings!



3. Fluffy Red Velvet Pancakes

What says Christmas like indulging your sweet tooth? Absolutely nothing. Try out these fluffy red velvet pancakes

Red Velvet Pancakes


4. Spaghetti stir fry

With all the ways you intend to spoil yourself this festive season, we can expect that you’ll be tired and lazy to cook which is absolutely fine. This spaghetti stir-fry is a yummy meal perfect for moments like this.

spaghetti stir fry


5. Yam Balls

Tired of the conventional yam chips? Well, there’s something called yam balls and if you ask us, we’ll tell you it’s everything. You can have this meal with your ketchup if you want or even a dip and enjoy it.

yam balls


6. Chilled Pineapple Drink

Not every time, orange drink. Sometimes, try pineapples for a change. Here’s a recipe

pineapple drink


7. Pineapple Rice

Give us well-cooked pineapple rice any day, any time. Here’s a recipe


Which of these meals do you see yourself trying out during the holidays?

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