7 Tasty Alterations That Will Forever Change The Way You Eat Gari And Beans

G)b3 is a culture.

Gari and beans with palm oil has no competition when it comes to foods that are made with beans. But how do you stand out when you choose to go with one of Ghana’s favourite dishes?

Here are all the tasty alterations that will forever change the way you eat gari and beans.

1. Soft beans.

Your usual hard beans doesn’t quite give you the taste you deserve from your gari and beans. Make the beans soft and you’ll forever thank us for reading this.

bambara beans


2. Add flavour to you palm oil by frying with ‘Koobi’ (Salted tilapia).

This is self-explanatory. The taste will just spoil your taste buds with too much richness.

Photo: GhanaPosts


3. Avocado.

This is the best hack there is for eating gari and beans. No need debating this.

gari and beans

Photo: KwankyewaasKitchen/Instagram


4. Eggs.

Eggs go with a lot of things. But try an egg with gari and beans and you’ll know your mum never told you one truth.

deviled eggs


5. Fried Plantain.

Do I need to tell you this? How do you even eat your gari and beans?

Image: recipeshubs


6. Salad.

This is an innovation by a legendary gari and bean seller called Adwoa G)b3. Try this move and your life will never be the same.


7. Sausage and gizzard.

For all the guys who think gari and beans got no swag, treat your ladies to this combo and your next testimony at church about being the ladies man will ‘rise like stew’.

Image: NigerianFoodTV