10 Salad Pictures That Will Inspire You To Eat Healthier

December is usually the month of eating anything and everything.

We usually throw caution to the wind and eat whatever we see in December. After all, it’s Christmas season and what not. And we usually resolve to eat healthier in January and join fit fam once January 2nd hits.

But we all know how that “fit fam resolution” goes once it’s the second week of January. Here are yummy pictures of salads to inspire you to follow through and eat healthier:

1. Platter of colour


2. Comes in jars too

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3. Cubed is life


4. Greens are bae


5. Salad all day, every day

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6. The jars! Oh, the jars!

Salad in a jar

Image: Pinterest


7. Pot of gold

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8. Colours of the rainbow and more!

Plantain salad

Image: Afrolems


9. Works with chicken too!

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10. Accompaniment of life!

Black Eyed Peas Salad

Image: Afrolems


Salad is definitely life! Here’s more yummy healthy food to inspire your fit fam journey this year: These Nigerian Foods Are Perfect For Weight Loss.