This Man Just Had Nigerian Food And He Can’t Stop Testifying

Image: TED

Say hello to Clint Smith

He is a writer, poet and scholar.

Image: TED


He is married to Ariel whose mother is Nigerian and it’s lit


So he tweeted about how he’s having Nigerian delicacies like jollof rice, suya and egusi for Thanksgiving all thanks to his mother-in-law.

A winning thanksgiving meal.


And Nigerians have been quick to welcome him into the fold

Nnoo, Ekaabo, Barka


Of course, he can’t believe how nobody told him about these meals. 

Better late than never, Clint.


Some Nigerians are even suggesting names for him

He sure looks like a Chukwuka


And others are suggesting other Nigerian meals he should taste

Oh the wonder that is banga


And we’re like YASSS

Image: Giphy


His tweet sparked a debate because ‘jollof rice’ and ‘Nigeria’ cannot exist without Ghanaians coming to brag about that meal they call jollof.

And so he put it to the poll and you guessed right (#NaijaJollofForLife)


And more Americans are even agreeing with Naija jollof

Clearly, they’ve seen the light.


Shout out to Clint and his family and welcome to the fold.

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