6 Most Satisfying On-The-Go Foods That Were Truly Made To Serve Their Purpose

Have you ever felt so hungry that everything around you became annoying but there was no time to stop to take a bite?

That is when these foods come in. All you need to do wash your hand and no one will impede the process. Some of them go with their natural accompaniments which make them complete and are very portable.


Kofi brokeman

Roasted plantain fondly called ‘kofi brokeman’ in Ghana is served hot with peanuts. Does not come in any fancy package but will treat you better than something you picked from a supermarket.



Buff Loaf (Bofloat/Bofrot)

Nigerians call bofloat (buff loaf) “puff puff”

Image: Thelmz Kitchen


Graphic and Times (roasted maize and groundnut)




The origin of Brukina is unclear; some say it’s from Burkina Faso, others say it’s from northern Ghana. This beverage is made from fresh milk, usually from cows, with some few nutritive ingredients added to it to make it more delicious better. So instead of always buying this factory manufactured milk all the time, a cup brukina a day will be good for you.


Roasted/boiled corn with coconut meat

This is a lifesaver, always around almost at the right time.

Boiled Corn and Coconut

Image: RahtleSnake/Twitter


Agbeli kaklo accompanied by coconut

Agbeli kaklo cuts across the various regions of Ghana. Made grated cassava and traces of onion, the mixture is moulded into a ball form and deep fried. It is also served with coconut.

Image: Yaw Pare Photography