7 Most Disgusting Foods That Will Make You Say “Yuck!”

Image: YouTube

They say that food and where it comes from depends on the culture.

There may be someone out there who thinks githeri or mutura are the most disgusting meals out there but I can’t imagine how, since I love the two. When I am talking about most weirdest foods I mean foods you know you shouldn’t eat because you will probably die. Apparently, some people eat or drink these meals but they are the weirdest meals you could ever imagine.

1. Semen cocktails.

Yes, that’s a thing. There’s evern a bartender book called semenology. Apparently, a semen coktail is for health benefits but the thought itself is repulsive. Please stick to semen from a trusted partner if you ever try this.


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2. Casu Marzu.

It may look normal but it is far from normal. This meal has live maggots, rotten milk, and cheese in it. It is also sold in some Asian black markets.


Image: Chef Mimi Blog


3. Elephant poop beer.

You thought you loved beer? Well, a Japanese guy started making beer from elephant dung and is doing very well.


Image: KegWorks


4. Balut.

If you didn’t think this list could get worse, think twice because countries like Cambodia and Philippines exist. This is when an egg with a duck inside is boiled and then it is a meal.


Image: YouTube


5. Three lizard liquor.

I guess you can make alcohol from anything because this kind of liquor exists. This is made in Chinese and Vietnamese villages where they brew liquor with three lizards in the jar.


Image: Go Vietnam Tours


6. Pacha.

This is a boiled sheep’s head and is common in Middle Eastern countries. Does it even have meat?


Image: Mother Nature Network


7. Fish assholes.

I don’t know how this is done but there is someone who makes a living from removing fish assholes and there are people who are like “We are going to have fish assholes for dinner.”


Image: Imgur