6 Funny Food Combinations That Will Make You Say WTF!

Image: Korje

It’s a fact that Nigerian food is absolutely delicious.

Whether the food comes from the South or the North, Nigerian food is packed full of flavours. Apart from winning the Jollof wars with our awesome Jollof rice, we also enjoy an array of other foods that will best any country willing to challenge our food prowess. While being a Nigerian and eating the awesome delicacies in the country is all good and well, some Nigerians whom we don’t know where they caught the annoying bug have been trying our foods in combinations so weird, we just have to share. These are the weirdest Nigerian food combinations you’d ever see:

1. Rice and Okra Soup

How is this supposed to taste when you mix the okra and the rice? How will you eat drawing slimy rice?


Image: Korje


2. Noodles and Bread

This one is just nyama!


Image: Thechive


3. Plantain and Egusi soup

I don’t know which place you people are getting these weird food combination. It is not a good look. Who will eat this?


Image: Pinterest


4. Bread and Dodo

This combination is just giving me a headache tbh!


Image: CookItGirl


5. Spaghetti and beans

Nigerians are just straying further from the light.


Image: FoodInAMinute


6. Yam and Ogbono soup

And no, it’s not pounded yam. Just regular boiled yam with Ogbono soup.


Image: Tatashey


Oya, what’s the funniest food combination you’ve ever seen?