8 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat On A First Date

First dates are awkward meetings

You’re trying to be at your very best to ensure chances of a second date or you’re trying to make this date go away quickly to go back and find someone else. Whatever the case is, you’re trying to be prim.

However, all your hard work can be put to shame if you try any of these meals.

1. Burgers and sandwiches

Asides the mayonnaise that will be visible in your mouth, burgers and sandwiches aren’t safe because the components can fall on the table. Embarrassing uh?



2. Spaghetti

So many reasons why you should avoid spaghetti and all the slurpy foods like it.

village pasta spaghetti


3. Beans

Obviously, we’re sure you don’t want to embarrass yourself with farts.

stewed beans


4. Anything with onion and garlic

Because of bad breath.

Image: BBC


5. Anything with ketchup

To avoid messy situations

Photo: ErinNudi.com



Pretty sure you don’t want veggies stuck in your teeth

Image: Afrolems


7. Soups


catfish pepper soup


8. Spicy food

Sweat and spicy and all what not

Image: Nigeria Food Channel