This Expert Gardener Grew The Largest Cabbage You’ll Ever See

image: itv

Vegetable lovers, here is a sight to see.

A Newport pensioner with a talent for growing cabbages the size of washing machines says there is no secret to it except time, patience and a little bit of cash.

75-year-old Ian Neale is no stranger to growing giant vegetables, having won awards including accolades recently for the heaviest carrot and beetroot at the giant vegetable competition at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in North Yorkshire.

Ian can boast growing a 66.6lb cabbage, a 42.5lb beetroot and a 9.5lb carrot. It’s no small feet.


image: itv

The champion veg grower has even been invited to the USA to share his secrets. However, he says there is no closely guarded secret ingredient to his success. Ian says;

‘It’s just about having the right seed and the right growing conditions and you have to put in plenty of time…You do need a little bit of money – for compost and fertiliser – but that’s it.’

Ian’s green-fingers have attracted the attention of US rapper Snoop Dogg who contacted him to congratulate him on his prize entries.