Clearly, We Have All Been Draining Pasta The Wrong Way

Image: All I Do Is Cook

So let’s start by saying we love eating pasta so much.

Shameless plug: There’s a recipe for some delicious village spaghetti here 

village pasta spaghetti


And you know how when you make the pasta, you have to drain out the water when you’ve cooked it to your taste.

Just like this

Image: Budget Bytes


And then continue to cook as you wish to make it look how you like it.

Whether jollof or with a sauce. 

Image: All I Do Is Cook


Well it appears we’ve been doing it all wrong all this time

IceCube shocked face gif

Image: indiaToday


This Twitter user shared pictures and we’re really shocked right now


So we’re supposed to place the strainer into the pot and then allow the water come out through the holes in it. 

Image: Twitter


Man, we’re actually mindblown


And so is everybody to be honest


Clearly, you have to buy strainers that fit your pot then. Major stress.


Image: Giphy


That being said, will you be using this method we just discovered or the one you’re used to?