7 Delicious Things You Must Eat In The Month Of September

This month is going to be full of delicious things.

You may not like food in large quantities, but the fact is you love eating good food. And most times, when you think about it, your meal cycle is revolved around some certain meals. So we’ll bring you 7 things you should try out every month to spice up your meal table from African chefs and food bloggers.

For the month of September, here are our picks! We’ve also attached the recipes so you don’t go through the hassle of looking for that.


1. Crispy Peppered Chicken Wings

I mean, who says no to chicken wings? Who? Definitely! Here’s the recipe



2. Noodles

Because you’ve obviously grown tired of your regular noodles recipe, here’s Servepot’s recipe to get you back on your noodle love.

indomie noodles


3. Kontomire Stew

All the way from Ghana, kontomire stew also known as palaver stew is up next. It can be eaten with plantain, yam and rice amidst others.

kontomire stew


4. Chicken Maini

Because we’re such chicken lovers, here’s something called chicken maini from Kenya and here’s a recipe for it!

chicken maini


5. Avocado Milkshake

Avocado is definitely not everybody’s favourite fruit but having an avocado milkshake? Well, that’s something we’re willing to try out. Here’s a recipe for it



6.Beef Mshikaki

This is a famous East African barbecue meat delicacy that you can serve at that cookout you’ve been planning you know? The recipe is here

Beef Mshikaki


7.Efo Riro

And last but definitely not least, the beautiful, rich efo riro recipe from Nigeria because veggies are never too much.

efo riro