7 Delicious Things You Must Eat In The Month Of October

This month is going to be full of delicious things.

You may not like food in large quantities, but the fact is you love eating good food. And most times, when you think about it, your meal cycle is revolved around some certain meals. So we’ll bring you 7 things you should try out every month to spice up your meal table from African chefs and food bloggers.

For the month of October, here are our picks! We’ve also attached the recipes so you don’t go through the hassle of looking for that.


1. Pineapple and Tangerine Sangria

This month, have a chilled drink of pineapple and tangerine sangria with this recipe from Servepot

pineapple sangria


2. Smokie Pasua

Looking for adventure this month? Ditch the conventional way you eat smokies and try this recipe all the way from Kenya.

Sausage pasua


3. Sweet and Spicy Bambara Beans

If you love beans, sweet and spicy bambara beans should be the next meal on your recipe. Here’s the recipe

bambara beans


4. Ndengu stew

Ndengu stew is from Kenya and is made from mung beans. A lot of protein on our radar this month. Here’s a recipe



5. Catfish Pepper soup

For rainy days where you just want to stay in bed and Netflix and chill, here’s catfish pepper soup 

catfish pepper soup


6. Ampokye

Of course, just a look at the name and you know it’s our brethren from the Gold coast. It’s a meal of boiled cocoyam with its own pepper sauce

ampokye cocoyam


7. Coconut Candy

Because for quick days, coconut candy is all you need.

coconut candy

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