9 Ways To Cut An Onion Without Shedding Tears

Image: BBC

It’s possible to cut an onion without crying like you just got your heart broken 

Here are some really handy tricks that will prevent the waterworks from running when you cut onions.


1. Chill the onion before chopping

Pop it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before cutting it up.

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2. Wear glasses

This is the most foolproof way to prevent onion tears.


3. Light a candle nearby

The flame will take away some of the onion fumes that cause tears.

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4. Stick a piece of bread in your mouth

The fumes that cause tears will get absorbed by the bread.


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5. Cut onions under running water

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6. Use a sharp knife

Sharp knives make clean cuts that don’t crush the onion and cause fumes to escape.

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7. Cut onions near a fan

This will help to blow the fumes away.


8. Rub lemon juice on the knife before cutting


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9. Leave the root of the onion while you cut the other parts

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