This Person Tried Beer With Sandwich And We Seriously Don’t Know How To Feel About This Pun

This is a club sandwich looking all delicious and what not. Just see perfection in this photo.

Club Sandwich


And obviously, you know Club Beer.

PhotoCredit: Ganyobinaa/Blogspot/NaaOyoQuartey


So this person on Twitter, @no_azonto_alwd created a nice pun about Club beer and club sandwich.


But ignore that.


Pun or not, it’s the combination that has got many people thinking, ‘whaaaat?’

How did we not even know this? Seriously, people don’t know how to feel about it.

1. This drunkard who wants an excuse to buy a crate of Club Beer.


2. Someone who thinks he knows too much.


3. This person who wants to be blocked for the outrageous combo she’s seen.


4. This one who is obviously trying it.


5. One who got the pun.


Anyway, it’s just a Club beer and a club sandwich. So the photo reads ‘Club Sandwich’.