5 Ways You’ve Been Wearing Your Jeans Wrong

Images: Pinterest

2018 is going to be our style year. We are all going to drop those fashion mistakes and do ourselves some fashion good.

If you’ve been wearing your jeans in any of these ways, then we want to let you know, you’ve been wearing it wrong and it has been killing your style.

Here are 5 ways you probably didn’t know you’ve been wearing your jeans wrong.

1. Super Skinny Jeans.

Skinny jeans are en vogue, yes! we know but that doesn’t mean you should be wearing your denim like a yoga pant. Super skinny jeans are not cool and it makes you look pumped up and rounded in them. If you’re a skinny guy and it fits you right, that’s okay, but for a heavy guy in skinny jeans that makes you look like you’re gasping for air, that’s not cool.

super skinny jeans


2. Boot Cut Jeans.

If in 2017 you still wear boot cut jeans, you should know you’re archaic. That style passed like in 2001 and one reasons why wearing it is so wrong is because it covers up the beauty of your shoes.

We’re in 2017 and your jeans should be straight, nice and tapered, no extra fabrics whatsoever.


3. Baggy Jeans.

You should know we’ve gone past that right now. Wearing them sends you way back in history and that’s not cool.

Wearing baggy jeans actually ruins your stature because all those extra fabric hanging loose on you only makes you look shorter and heavier even when you’re not and overall, makes you look stumpy. You didn’t buy that expensive footwear just to cover it up.


4. Sagging Jeans.

For those who still think sagging jeans or letting your jeans sit below your waist is cool, you need to hire a stylist. It is horrible and so old-fashioned. Jeans these days are not designed to sit below your waist and so still wearing them that way distorts the overall shape of the garment.

So if you still wear your jeans this way, then you should know it is wrong and you need to end it right now.


5. Jeans Shorts.

Another archaic style which used to be cool in the 90’s but not anymore and so if you’re still wearing them in 2017, then you should know it makes you look like a 90’s kid.