9 Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Office Look

Image: tracywanjiru.com

Coming up with the perfect office outfit can be quite a task sometimes.

Every morning you wake up to get ready for the office, there is always that thought that tells you how you have recycled your clothes too much, but you are not going to stop what you are doing to think about that. Who has the time?

Well, the struggle to find office outfits does not have to be a struggle. Firstly, whoever said office outfits have to be dull was out of their mind.

You can implement these simple ideas and lighten up your day:

1. Palazzo pants.

Pallazo pants are not for the shy type of girl. You need to have the confidence to back it up. Try out this combination.

ankara trouser



2. African touch.

This is how you make African attire look professional.

White tee with blazer and ankara pants

Image: Pinterest


3. Jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are versatile. I have been tempted to wear jumpsuits to almost every occasion. Once you pair a jumpsuit with a nice pair of heels, you feel like you are about to take over the world. Go for a jumpsuit that has a casual feel to it as an office outfit as opposed to an over the top jumpsuit which may come off as trying too hard.

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4. Tailored suits.

Fashion is like a revolving ball. Suits are back and trending now; you need to get yourself a tailored suit that you can wear to the office.

tracy wanjiru kenya

Image: tracywanjiru.com


5. Midi skirts.

Midi skirts are perfect outfits to wear to the office. Good thing; you can do midi skirts on weekends too.

midi skirt



6. Pencil skirts.

I mentioned this a while back. Pencil skirts look fabulous when paired with a cool top.

pencil skirt



7. Casual look.

If your office allows casual clothes over the weekend or dress down Fridays, here is one idea you need to try out on a cold day.

how to layer for cold weather

Image: downtown demure


8. Bodycon dress.

Bodycon dresses are beautiful for the office, and if paired with a nice boyfriend coat, you will look, and feel like a million dollars.

office wear



9. Peplum outfits.

If your pot belly is your weak point, you can wear a peplum outfit or top. Peplum tops work well with skirts.

curvy ladies fashion tips

Image: Trendy Curvy