11 Things You Should Wear To Bed That Will Make Your Man Think “Oh Yeah”

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After some time with bae, you stop trying too hard.

You shock him with promotion t-shirts and wonder why he is not looking at you with longing eyes. Once in a while, it is good to step out of your comfort zone and wear something that will make you feel sexy and confident. Plus if you really want to think ahead, imagine if there was an emergency and you had to leave your house asap? You best be looking great.

Here are the outfits you should wear that will make him say oh yeah:

1. Get a sexy romper, because why not?


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2. Wear his shirt that will make you look absolutely sexy.


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3. Lingerie with garters will leave him gobsmacked.


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4. Short pajamas so you don’t look like you’re trying too hard but you look beautiful in them.


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5. Red lingerie.


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6. Slip on silky lingerie that is comfortable and will make him say yes to anything.


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7. A sexy simple gown can do the trick.


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8. Cami and tap shorts.


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9. Look sexy in sweats because there’s a way you can.


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10. Sheer night dress.

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11. A nice body suit that will leave him tongue-tied.


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