8 Things Men Wear That Women Find Attractive

You see that reaction you get when you see a beautiful woman clad in a gorgeous dress and your adrenalin goes crazy? well in case you didn’t know, women also get the same reaction when a guy looks good.

Women find men attractive based on what they wear and so if you really want to appear attractive to women, you need to pay attention to your dressing.

But it is not just any kind of dressing that women find attractive. They avoid trashy dressing so you might want to watch that.

Here are 8 things men wear that women find attractive.

1. A Well-Tailored Suit.

When you wear those well-tailored suits that make you look classy, women find you sexy or attractive because you come off like a well-matured person and they see you to be more responsible and successful.

Physically, suits also make you look more masculine. The way a woman’s butt in yoga pants makes you feel, is the same way a masculine figure in a suit makes women feel.


2. Black T-Shirts.

Colours really play a big role in choice for women and a guy in a black T-shirt that fits perfectly well always comes across to women as mysterious. If he’s the type who hardly talks, that even adds more to the curiosity and women will love to know you more.


3. Glasses.

Might not have paid attention to this but women really find glasses on men attractive and the psychological effect here is that, it makes you look smarter. Not any kind of glasses though.

Image: Music.PartyJollof


4. Rolled-Up Sleeves.

If you’re a bit well built and you show off some parts of your arm, women find that attractive but it needs to be neat not just some crumpled up shirt.


5. Leather Jacket.

It gives you that bad boy look and women love it.


6. Boxer Briefs.

We are not talking about briefs or boxers here, we are talking about boxer briefs and any woman who sees you in those boxer briefs at the beach knows you really know your fashion. It is tight on you and gives you that bulge they always want to take a sneak peek.


7. Athletic Wear.

Wearing gym outfits really attract women because they know you take your health seriously and you really have the energy for it and other things.


8. Blue Shirts.

The colour blue seems to have an effect on women, especially navy blue shirts. To put this to the test, ask your woman to select for you a shirt in the wardrobe and see the first colour she’ll pick. They always seem to go for blue colours. Ask her to get you some shirts from the store and it is going to be a blue shirt. So if you really want to get the attention of women, try and get some nice collection of blue shirts.


Image: Kiss 100