10 Things That Happen To Everyone With Natural Hair

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    By: Jessica Maria | 7 Month(s) ago

    Having natural hair is a magical experience that is different for everyone but also has some reoccurring themes for everyone.

    Whether you just had the big chop, are at that awkward stage or have been natural for a while certain things just keep happening to you.

    1. Everyone forgets about your personal space.

    You have mastered your regime and your edges are back so your hair looks like a beautiful noir cloud reaching for god which makes people want to reach for it, permission notwithstanding.

    Black girl gif

    GIF: Vibe.com


    2. Shrinkage and learning to love it.

    The paralyzing fear of heat damage that comes with going natural means using a number of no-heat methods to stretch your hair. And then having the shrinkage hit you soon as you leave the house. So you have to learn to love two or three hair lengths at the same time.

    natural hair shrinkage

    Photo: Buzzfeed.com


    3. Hair envy

    Whatever hairstyle that is not on your head is the one you want. And at the same time, everyone’s hair journey seems to be on express while your hair has been the same length for the past six months.

    Natural hair comic

    Photo: Pinterest.com


    4. Takes approximately 3 years of calls, tweets, Instagram posts and lurking in Facebook groups to find a natural hair stylist in your price range.

    Cat typing

    GIF: Giphy.com


    5. And once you find a place you need to pack a survival kit to get through the time you will spend at the salon

    natural hair comic

    Photo: Buzzfeed.com


    6. Wash day always seems to take 6 working days

    This in inclusive of the anxiety attack you have to overcome when you remember you have to begin wash day.

    Doesn’t matter how many top tricks you try, or two-in-one product you use the sun is always setting while your hair is still wet or in a shower cap.

    natural hair comic

    Photo: Dreadstop.tumblr.com


    7. This is always your product ratio.

    Hair products

    Photo: Buzzfeed.com


    8. The satisfaction at the end of wash day

    You just sit there feeling the ocean breeze on your scalp and all of the accomplishment.

    Kerry Washington

    GIF: Giphy.com


    9. Once your hair is wrapped, your social life stops

    Until the next day that is.

    Natural hair meme

    Photo: Pinterest.com


    10. You are always excited to see someone else with natural hair

    and immediately stan for them.

    Natural hair meme

    Photo: Pinterest.com


    To all my fellow naturals may your fro grow high and your curls be forever defined. You may want to see here brides who wore their natural hair on their big day.


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