11 Amazing Fashion Designs That Prove We Are Already In The Future

Image: AmazonAW

The future is unpredictable but it seems some people got there earlier than us.

These clothes by some creative fashion designers clearly tell us they are already in the future while we are yet to get there.

There are already T-shirts and shirts which are stainless but even with that, they say it is not futuristic. Well, there are a lot more in the pipeline that will amaze you.

Here are 11 amazing fashion designs that prove we are already in the future.

1. The Ultimate Travel Jacket.

This jacket is the ultimate design for travelers. It comes with almost every space a traveler will need.

It has an earphone holder, drink pocket, sunglasses pocket, iPad pocket, pen and stylus pocket, neck pillow, eye mask, passport pocket, phone pocket, portable charger pocket, blanket pocket, gloves, you name it.

It is obvious from the way things are going, in future, we’ll be traveling light and so with a jacket like this, we be able to fit all our important items in one jacket.


2. Superflex Powered Clothing.

This bodysuit is designed with a sensor and conductive technology which will allow patients to get back into their best physical form. Exoskeletons and hi-tech wearable bodysuits are the future of clothing for many of us.

superflex powered clothing


3. The Solar Windbreaker.

As humanity enters an age where we must search for alternative energy sources, a windbreaker that is powered with solar panels might become a lifesaver for people who want to charge their devices on the go.


4. Gaze-Actuated Wearables.

The designer of these 3D-printed wearables believes that in the future we might want to wear something that responds and changes its shape according to the gaze of people around. People might as well find a practical application for this type of technology in clothing.


5. Enflux Exercise Clothing.

Enflux training clothes analyze a person’s body and provide 3D imaging to a digital coach. This is the new personalized training experience we’ve all dreamt about for so long.

Enflux Exercise Clothing


6. Synthetic Bio-Skin Dress.

Imagine wearing clothes made of biomaterials that help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. This technology enables clothes to be sustainable to the environment as well.


7. Kinematics Based Dress.

The creators of this dress were so inspired that they even developed new software and technology to make it happen. The dress is composed of thousands of small petals that are 3D printed from nylon plastic. The petals are interconnected and make up a “continuous textile.”

kinetic based

8. Smartphone Jacket.

The future is now. The Levi’s® Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard™ by Google allows you to answer your smartphone by tapping on your jacket’s sleeve. Next thing you know, we will all have underwear that answers calls or makes video-chatting possible.


9. Welt A Smartphone Belt.

Who said that only clothes can be technological and futuristic? Accessories can and will become very important future tech-wearables for people. This belt provides health information to its owner and tracks how well he feels throughout the day.


10. Living Shoes.

Everlasting biotrainers might look like this. The “ingredients” for such shoes will allow for overnight self-repair.


11. Self-Lacing Shoes.

Remember the self-lacing Back to the Future Nike shoes? We all wanted to get a pair of them. Well, Nike produced 89 pairs of these shoes for the 30th anniversary of the movie, they were sold in a lottery, but Nike went as far as incorporating this technology into its MAG line. Now you will be able to save time by not lacing your sneakers every time you leave the house.

(H/T: Brightside)