Embroidery Is So In Right Now And Here’s How Fashionistas Are Rocking The Trend

Images: L-R YouTube/Instagram @tracywanjiru_ @larrisabruin @shikilove

Let’s talk the latest fashion trend to hit the fashion streets by storm! ~ Embroidery.

That’s right; every celebrity and fashion IT girl on Instagram is rocking embroidery thanks to Gucci. The luxury brand debuted embroidered high-end bags, jackets, pants, shoes, clothes etc this year, and the trend was born.

embroidery trend

Images: L-R pinterest.com/Instagram Beyonce/ Manrepeller.com

Fashionistas have found a way to rock the trend without splurging money. Erm, worry not if you cannot afford Gucci, we can’t either, but that doesn’t mean we can’t jump on the trend.

Embroidery, especially the rose flower embroidery is being done on denim pants, denim jackets, leather jackets, shorts, heels, handbags, name it!

If you can’t find anything with embroidery in places where you shop, simply take one of your plain items that you want to be embroidered and take it to a tailor to have it embroidered with some rose flowers and voila! You will be sure to look like the Gucci models in fashion spreads.

Here’s how people are wearing the embroidery trend:

1. On cute slip dresses which are also trendy this year.

Cannot wait to soak up the sun again… oh and make a pic or two to reminisce when I get back to the rain and cold 😩

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2. On blouses.

We love how Teen Republik’s Tracy Wanjiru has worn her embroidered blouse with sock boots.

Happy Easter 🐣 guys! Feeling so blessed to have come this far. 💃🏼

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3. On rubbers.


4. On heels which you can buy ready made.


5. On shorts.

#roseembroidery 😍 p.s adam said i can bat like a pro. Probably a softball prodigy ☺⚾

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6. On denim pants, which is my absolute favorite.

Out and about @e_aka__e @_ellecamino_ #roseembroidery #nofilter #distressdenim #stylistdayoff

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7. On bomber jacket.

Size available : S, M, L, XL, XL Colour available : black, white RM 45 #peggyswardrobe #peggystop #roseembroidery #rosebomber

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8. On backpacks.


9. On denim jackets.


10. On skirts for a flirty look.


11. On leather jackets like this hot Alexander Mcqueen number…Swooning!


12. On tops…

Gotta love the flare sleeves & open back of this top 😻

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And pretty much on anything else that can be embroidered. Will you be trying this trend? Yay or Nay? Let us know in the comment section below.

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